InSCOPE finishes but its Pilot Line continues

After 39 months of implementation, InSCOPE project has come to an end. Back in January 2017, 11 partners from 8 European countries joined their forces and knowledge for an ambitious adventure of setting up an InSCOPE Pilot Line for Hybrid TOLAE (H-TOLAE) technologies in the automotive, healthcare, smart packaging and building sectors, and validating its services by 4 Showcases and 15 development cases.

It has been an amazing experience and a true example of successful collaboration across different cultures and borders. A perfect match between technical (TNO, CPI, CEA, VTT, IMEC, Walter Pack / Symbiose) and industrial partners (Signify, Bosch, KONE and GSK) backed up by EU project management experts (AMIRES) made it possible to set up the Pilot line and achieve some remarkable results in line with the undertaken commitments with the European Commission.

If you are interested to learn more about our major results with the lighting wall, haptic dashboard, interactive elevator or smart blisters please check here. In addition, you can request here your copy of the InSCOPE Handbook with all relevant information about the project and its Pilot Line.

Event though the InSCOPE project ended, its Pilot Line will continue operating under different settings, one of which is a newly awarded H2020 project called SmartEEs2. Interested SMEs and Mid-caps can apply to the Call for Application Experiments with a topic Support to manufacturing of FWE based end-products including upscaling, and the selected companies will be offered a service by the Pilot Line. All those companies who wish to avoid the application process and just discuss independent collaboration opportunities can simply contact our coordinator Corne Rentrop at

A big thank you to all our partners and good luck to all with the new adventures!