The World of Printed Electronics

IMPACT- ROADMAP – GROWTH of flexible printed electronics are the keywords of the latest blog of Mr. Roberto Viola  – The Director General of DG Connect at the EC.

Mr Viola pointed out that printed electronics have not only the societal and environmental impact but also offer lots of commercial opportunities. The roadmap shows the further extension of the technology to many more applications. It is likely to see the market reach US$43 billion by 2020 – that’s year-on-year growth of 13.9%. Therefore, the director general of DG connect at the EC sees a potential for European companies to flourish in this fascinating field. He also pointed out that the EC invested around €350 million in research programmes for research, development and innovation in printable electronics over the last 10 years. As a result of this funding, Europe is becoming a major player in this field.

InSCOPE is definitely part of this exciting technology that is helping to consolidate European leadership in the field and offer services to SMEs and start-ups.

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